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Things to Consider When Choosing a Cellulite Specialist

The Top 5 Things to Ask When Choosing a Cellulite Specialist

Taking care of your skin is no laughing matter.  You want to make sure you choose the right skincare technician when deciding who is going to be doing your cellulite treatment.

Here are the top 5 things you should ask any skincare technician before starting cellulite treatment.

1.  How long have you been providing cellulite treatment? 

It’s important to ask this question because you want to make sure the person you are trusting with your cellulite removal is experienced.  Ask them how long they have been in practice and if they have any references you can speak to.

2.  For Endermologie treatment, are they certified and trained by LPG?

Endermologie was developed by Louis-Paul Guitay (LPG) in the early 1980s.  LPG is the creator of Endermologie and is considered the best form of Endermologie training you can receive.  Where else better to learn than with the creators themselves?  Ask your cellulite technician if they are certified and trained by LPG.

Marie Lopiano of Cellulite Solutions was one of the first to introduce Endermologie to Northern VA and obtained both levels I and II in certification to include facial techniques and liposuction protocols.

Marie was then hand selected by Tierry Phillipe, CEO of LPG, the inventors of Endermologie, to perform treatments on Denise Austin, former national spokesperson for LPG.

3.  Do you have pictures of before and after cellulite treatment?

This one speaks for itself.  You wouldn’t buy a new car without seeing what it can do first.  The same goes for choosing your cellulite specialist.  Before diving in and deciding who to work with, look at their portfolio.  Do they have many clients that have seen great results from cellulite treatment or are they using stock photos?  You can see some of our before and after photos here.

4.  Before selecting a technician to perform Endermologie, ask them what kind of equipment they use and is it maintained by LPG

At Cellulite Solutions Marie uses the only patented equipment for Endermologie® made by LPG. Cellulite Solutions has two Cellu M6 Endermologie® machines.

5.  Do they offer a free cellulite consult?

Be weary of technicians that are trying to charge you a lot of money up front.  You want to make sure you choose a cellulite specialist that you feel comfortable with.  When vetting out a skincare specialist, ask them if they provide a free consultation.  Cellulite Solutions offers a free body composition analysis so you can understand what’s going on in your body that is causing cellulite in the first place.

Northern Virginia’s Best Cellulite Treatment

If you’re looking for cellulite removal in Northern Virginia contact us at 703.408-8099.  We offer a variety of services to get your skin looking it’s best.  From Microdermabrasion to Endermologie and VelaShape 3, we have something for everyone.

Healthy Alternatives to Halloween Candy

Healthy Halloween Alternatives You AND Your Kids Will LOVE

It’s that time of year again.  You know what I’m talking about.  Halloween candy overload.  And in two days it will all be half priced.  Making smart Halloween choices is important for adults as well as kids, because let’s face it, we all end up eating some of the candy when the kids aren’t looking.

Healthy Halloween Treats:  Ants Spiders on a Log


This cute treat puts a twist on the traditional ‘ants on a log.’  All this recipe takes is celery, peanut butter, and chocolate chips.  You can even take it a step further and use SunButter and dark chocolate chips if you want a healthier twist.

Recipe credit:  https://www.chelseasmessyapron.com/healthy-halloween-bat-energy-bites-spiders-on-a-log/

Halloween Yogurt Bark


This Halloween Bark looks absolutely delicious.  It uses non-dairy yogurt, blueberries, kiwi, and nectarines.  You an also add in candy eyes to make it extra spooky.

Recipe credit:  http://www.forkandbeans.com/2015/09/30/halloween-yogurt-bark/

Maintaining Your Results After Cellulite Treatment

As I mentioned in our last blog post maintaining a healthy lifestyle is essential to maximizing the results you achieve after your cellulite treatment.  Looking for ways to enhance your healthy lifestyle, such as finding healthy Halloween alternatives, will help you stay on track.

You can also use other resources to help you stay the course after cellulite treatment.  You can utilize our last blog post that features many different apps that allow you to track your food intake, progress and more.

Cellulite Treatment in Northern Virginia

Cellulite Solutions is the top cellulite removal company in Northern Virginia.  Owner and Cellulite Specialist, Marie Lopiano was hand selected by Tierry Phillipe, CEO of LPG, the inventors of Endermologie, to perform treatments on Denise Austin, former national spokesperson for LPG.  

She has since been the first to introduce the newest cellulite technology, VelaShape, into Northern Virginia, fulfilling her desire to always be on the cutting edge for her clients.

With her extensive experience in the field of Endermologie and cellulite treatment, Marie was once again called upon by LPG to become an exclusive distributor of the Wellbox, a home Endermologie system.

Contact us to receive a free body composition analysis.  We look forward to helping you achieve the look you’ve been dreaming of!  703-408-8099 | www.cellulitesolutions.com

The Best Treatment for Cellulite in Northern VA: Maximizing Your Results

Delicious Paleo Recipe to Support Your Healthy Lifestyle After Cellulite Treatment

It’s true that diet and exercise alone will not totally get rid of  your cellulite.  But, when you pair it with a cellulite treatment like Endermologie or Velashape 3; your cellulite will virtually disappear.  Living a healthy lifestyle is essential to maintaining the results you see from your cellulite treatment.

Changing your diet may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be.  Just being more aware of what you eat and keeping track of it through an app like the one I mentioned in our last blog post, will make things a lot easier for you.

The Paleo Diet

I’m sure many of you have heard the word Paleo.  Many people who eat ‘paleo’ don’t refer to it as a diet, but a lifestyle.  It’s essentially eating non-processed foods. Commonly referred to as the caveman diet, it includes staples like meats, vegetables, and fruits- things that were hunted and gathered many years ago.  You can learn more about the Paleo approach here.

While there are pro’s and con’s to every diet I like to pick and choose the best recipes from many (Paleo, Whole 30, etc.) and have found many of the Paleo recipes to not only be healthy, but also bursting with flavor. Remember, eating healthier doesn’t have to be boring. Salads every single day? Not for this girl.

Paleo Buffalo Chicken Soup

buffalo chicken soup

If you like spicy, this soup is for you! Packed with chicken, cauliflower, onions, celery, buffalo sauce and cilantro this recipe as-is, is not for those with a sensitive palate. However, you can limit the amount of buffalo sauce and cilantro that you use to customize it to your taste. This paleo recipe is perfect for the upcoming fall weather in Northern Virginia. It also makes plenty of soup for everyone so you’ll have plenty of leftovers.

Give it a try and let me know what you think! See the whole recipe here: http://paleoaholic.com/paleo/paleo-buffalo-chicken-soup/

Cellulite Removal Northern VA

We hope to be a resource for you to use to maintain your results as you go through your cellulite treatments. If you’d like to learn more about the cellulite treatments we offer in Northern Virginia, call us at 703.408.8099.  Also, remember to consult with a doctor or nutritionist before you start any diet or exercise plan.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle after cellulite treatment

Tips from Northern Virginia’s best cellulite specialist

We want you to love the skin you’re in.  After you commit to combating cellulite you’ll need to also pay attention to any lifestyle adjustments that can help you maximize the results you see from your cellulite treatment.

Today we’re sharing some helpful apps that make achieving your goals a little easier.

Track all of your goals after cellulite treatment with MyFitnessPal

Cost: Free, but also offers a premium option

cellulite removal vienna, va

Image credit:  MyFitnessPal.com

The MyFitnessPal app was is backed by the powerhouse, Under Armor.  This app makes achieving your goals a little easier.  MyFitnessPal has countless features to help hold you accountable, including: calorie and macro counter, bar code scanner for easier entry, exercise tracker and much more.   You can even track your water intake with MyFitnessPal.  Water intake is important and being hydrated can help reduce the appearance of cellulite.  Additionally, once you download the app, you are apart of a community and can add friends who can help keep you accountable as well. Track everything you need in one place with MyFitnessPal.*

FitBit makes being active after your cellulite treatment fun

Cost: $59.99+

While the FitBit app is free, the cost of a FitBit device starts at $59.99. FitBit really took off around 2015 and it is still a fun, easy way to track your progress. One of FitBit’s best features is the ability to challenge a group of your friends. Creating friendly competition is a great way to stay motivated. The FitBit app and device allows you to track your sleep pattern and heart rate in addition to the other features provided by MyFitnessPal. FitBit is a fun and interactive way to help you stay the course of your healthy lifestyle journey.*

7M Workout by Johnson & Johnson takes working out on the go, after cellulite treatment

Cost: Free

cellulite treatment vienna va

Image credit: https://7minuteworkout.jnj.com

One of the biggest reasons why people don’t work out is because they claim they don’t have enough time. Can you take 7 minutes out of your day to get a quick work out in? Johnson & Johnson has developed the 7 Minute Workout app that allows you to taka a quick workout on the go. Paired with cellulite treatments such as Endermologie and Velashape 3, working out is a great way to help you treat stubborn cellulite.*

The Best Treatment for Cellulite in Northern Virginia

While diet and exercise alone won’t completely get rid of cellulite, our various skincare procedures can help achieve the look you want.  Maintaing a good diet and exercise regime is essential to maximzing your cellulite treatment.  People who sustain a healthy lifestyle will see better results.

Cellulite Solutions is the place to get cellulite removed in Northern VA.  We’re happy to meet with you and provide a free body composition analysis.  Marie is the best cellulite specialist in Northern Virginia.  From Velashape 3, to Endermologie and Microdermabrasion, she offers a technique that is right for you.

To learn more about cellulite removal or to schedule a consultation call us at 703.408.8099.  We look forward to helping you love the skin you’re in!

*Please note you should always consult with a doctor or nutritionist to help you establish your health and fitness goals.

Post Liposuction Treatment with Northern Virginia’s Best Cellulite Specialist

Improving your skin after liposuction with Endermologie


In addition to removing cellulite, Endermologie is a skincare treatment that is highly recommended by physicians after someone receives liposuction.

How can Endermologie help me post-lipo?

Endermologie is gentle enough to try after receiving liposuction.  The benefits of Endermologie include:

  1.  It will speed up your liposuction recovery time
  2. It will remove lumps and bumps
  3. It minimizes bruising

It is very important that you work with someone with an excessive amount of experience.  Cellulite Solutions owner, Marie, was one of the first to introduce Endermologie to Northern VA and obtained both Level I and Level II certifications to include facial techniques and liposuction protocols.

What is Endermologie?

Endermologie penetrates to the deeper tissue of the skin, called the subcutaneous layer.  It the treatment lasts for approximately 45 minutes.  The rolling motion of the Endermologie treatment manipulates the superficial fascia level of the skin and enhances the skin’s firmness and appearance.  By increasing the blood circulation in the subcutaneous layer, fluids and fat that cause the dimpling appearance are mobilized.  The motorized rollers move in unique directions to manipulate and draw the skin into numerous folds.

Learn more about Endermologie here.

Preparing for your Endermologie treatment

It’s not difficult to prepare for your Endermologie treatment.  Before the treatment:

  • Shave
  • Do not use lotion
  • Do not have any other laser treatments performed
  • No hot tubs


The best treatment for cellulite in Northern VA

Curious about Endermologie and want to learn more?  Call us to schedule a free body composition analysis to learn what cellulite treatment is best for you.  We’re happy to provide you with more information on the best treatment plan specific to your body composition.  Our body composition analysis includes a graphic look within your body.  It provides significant health markers like percent body fat, body mass index, and activity-based caloric burn rates.  You will leave with a copy of your analysis to keep.  Call us at 703.408.8099!

The best place to receive treatment for cellulite in Northern VA

Cellulite Solutions in Vienna, VA offers the best cellulite removal in Northern Virginia


We’ve all been there. We take a quick glance in the mirror and see a skin imperfection. For many, cellulite on the legs, arms, tummy and glutes are among common skin imperfections.   While imperfections are beautiful and we all should embrace who we are there is nothing wrong with wanting to look and feel your best.

Today Northern Virginia’s best cellulite specialist is going to answer some common questions regarding cellulite and cellulite treatment.

Do I need to receive cellulite treatment or will exercise and diet remove my cellulite?

This is a very common question.  While you can never go wrong with diet and exercise, unfortunately that will not completely cure your cellulite. It will certainly help, but cellulite treatement techniques such as endermologie and velashape 3 will give you the best results when combined with a good diet and exercise.

What kind of cellulite treatment do I need?

The cellulite treatment you need really depends on your treatment preferences and the area on your skin that you want treated for cellulite.  You can schedule a free body composition analysis with Marie to learn more about what cellulite treatment plan is best for you.

What cellulite treatment does Cellulite Solutions offer?

We offer many different cellulite treatments to help you achieve your skincare goals. This includes Microdermabrasion, Endermologie, VelaShap 3 and more.

Achieving your best skincare results with Endermologie

Endermologie is a total body treatment that can be used anywhere on the body. Tummy, arms, glutes and more can be treated with Endermologie. The treatment lasts for about 45 minutes. Endermologie uses a massage and pinching technique to remove the cellulite.  Learn more about Endermologie here.  

Cellulite removal with VelaShape 3

VelaShape 3 is most effective as a spot treatment that removes cellulite. This cellulite treatment is longer than Endermologie because in addition to the massaging, intense heat is used to break down the cellulite. Warming the tissue allows us to get deeper into the area that we’re working on.  Learn more about VelaShape 3.

Cellulite Solutions in Vienna, VA offers the best cellulite removal in Northern Virginia

We know it’s important to look and feel your best, and we want to help make you feel the most comfortable in your own skin. Whether you have questions about cellulite treatment or would like to schedule a complimentary body composition analysis, call us today at 703.408.8099.

You Put The Lime In The Coconut….


You have heard that using coconut oil for this or that will do amazing things. Well, the rumors are true.


Coconut oil is not only an amazing additive to your cooking as a healthy replacement for butter, or to add into coffee and drinks for daily energy and to stimulate mental alertness, coconut oil is also an amazing (and cheap) beauty supplement. Cellulite Solutions has put together their top 10 uses for coconut oil from Health.com, Wellnessmama.com, and Dr. Oz that will change your life as you know it and will quickly make coconut oil a staple in your beauty routine!


  1. Add to a wash cloth and use to gently remove your make-up, especially around your eyes.
  2. Coconut oil will also help sooth psoriasis and eczema spots.
  3. Much like coco butter (which has coconut oil in it) coconut oil prevents stretch marks during pregnancy.
  4. Coconut oil has a natural SPF 4.
  5. For the little ones, coconut oil helps get rid of cradle cap on the tops of babies’ heads (use like a deep conditioner) because it topically kills yeast and yeast infections.
  6. Add to equal parts sugar for a rejuvenating body scrub (and tasty lip scrub) or use without sugar as a natural chap stick.
  7. Rub the oil into dry hair and leave on for several hours for an intense natural conditioner that will leave your hair smelling like a tropical paradise.
  8. Coconut oil can help remove the appearance of marks on the skin.
  9. Coconut oil naturally clears up cold sores, acne, cracked heels, bug bites.
  10. Use by itself or with baking soda as a natural whitening toothpaste that will also help remineralize your teeth!

Honestly, what can’t coconut oil do? This simple ingredient is helpful in so many ways from internal health benefits with vitamin boosting qualities to external benefits that help reduce redness, itchiness and scars, age spots on your skin.

Coconut oil is also an excellent supplement to add to your routine after liposuction or Velashape III treatment at our Cellulite Solutions center to rejuvenate and enhance your results!


Cellulite Solution’s 7 Tips for Turning that Summer Skin into a Fall Glow


Summer Is Finally Over And Now It Is Time To Embrace Pumpkin Spiced Everything.


But all that time outside this summer can lead to unsightly spots, wrinkles and dry patches. Not to mention with the winter winds coming,our skin needs to be primped and pampered for protection. So without further adieu, here are 7 tips for making sure your skin retains that pretty glow from summer while preparing for the fall and winter.

Start with the fats

Spending a lot of time under the sun may sound perfect, but the long exposure can actually deplete collagen in your skin. Collagen is a substance in your skin that supports tissues and is responsible for the firm youthful skin we all crave. The sun breaks down this substance and causes early signs of aging.To prevent this break down and promote collagen reproduction make sure to include foods in essential fatty acids, like salmon, leafy veggies, and flaxseed.

Make sure to use sun-screen

While the sun is strongest in the summer, it is important to wear sunscreen year round. Regular sunscreens are great for protecting against pesky UVBs, but they only protect the surface.To get protection against deep skin damage it is important to use a product that extends into the skin year round like Cosmedix Serious Protection or Shiseido Ubarn Environment Oil-Free UV Protector.

Exfoliate Your Skin

Skin can get rough and lifeless from spending so much time outdoors. Moisturizing is a key step but if you keep moisturizing an area that is already a goner, it won’t make a difference.Make sure to exfoliate the dead skins cells and days of make up and sunscreen at least once a week to help improve the smoothness and absorption of skin cells during the lotion process.I suggest starting with a simple, and luckily cheap, apricot scrub from St. Ives. Their line of facial scrubs and washes will help kickstart any beauty routine.

Don’t forget the lips

Often times when we say get your skin ready… we forget that our lips are a vital part of our skin.The sun damages our lips just as much if not more than the rest of our skin leaving us to have the infamous duck lips with dry and cracked mouths. It is important to follow the previous steps for the lips, too.We suggest using a homemade sugar scrub to get off the dry flakes (and get a sweet treat) then moisturize with a sunscreen lip balm combo to help with anti-aging and the Fall/Winter winds.

Start waxing

Shaving can cause a multitude of problems from ingrown hairs to nicks and dry irritated skin.Shaving actually removes key oils and lipids on the outer layer of your skin, which leads to some serious exposure to the fall and winter atmosphere.So we suggest everyone partake in No-Shave November and switch to a professional waxing regimen to avoid the damaging effects of razors.

Invest in hand creams

Note the word cream not lotion. Fall winds bring dry air and a need for a thicker moisturizer. Creams, unlike lotion, provide a thicker, oilier barrier to help protect cracks and dryness. They also help retain water in the outer layer of the skin and provide much needed hydration.Start moisturizing now with a product like Nivea Creme to ensure soft, beautiful hands all season long.


Doing all the things above can help, but to achieve a noticeable change, you need to take off the damaged layer of skin and show the beautiful smoother skin below.