Before we begin a treatment that is customized for your body type, we will first perform a complimentary Body Composition Analysis helps us understand your total body composition, rather than simply your weight.

This precision technology provides a graphic look within your body. It provides significant health markers like percent body fat, body mass index, resting metabolic rate, percent body water, percent lean mass, and activity-based caloric burn rates. You will leave with a copy of your analysis for you to keep.

Some of the things we measure are:
Resistance-Related to Body Water

Since more water is stored in fat-free mass, a higher value indicates healthier, lean tissue.

Fat-Free Mass

A measure of total nonfat body compartments (also called lean body mass). Contains most of the body’s water.

Fat Mass

The amount of stored fat in the body.

Body Mass Index (BMI)

A ratio of weight to height

Basal Metabolic Rate

Based on fat-free mass, the number of calories your body uses each day, not counting the extra calories you burn through exercise.

TBW/Total Weight

The percentage of total weight that is water.